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This is a forum started up for anyone that wishes to roleplay the Assassins creed universe :)New members welcome. Have fun.
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 General Site Rules

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PostSubject: General Site Rules   General Site Rules EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 7:45 am

Hi and welcome to the site : I am the creator of this forum and look forward to meeting you and hopefully roleplaying along side you soon (^-^) But first we have to set down some rules, after all without rules the site wont work. So the following rules are the sites general rules. Rules on posts and character creation will be in their own topic.

1. No offensive language
2. No pornographic or sexually explicit content
3. Any Avatar pictures must not be of offensive material
4. No bullying
5. No racism
6. do not edit or delete posts that do not belong to you

Breaking the rules will result in me stepping in, i will either warn you and inform you of the rule or in extreme circumstances banning you. (that would only be if you have had warnings or the infringement on the rules are extreme)

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General Site Rules
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