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 I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~

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I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~ Empty
PostSubject: I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~   I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~ EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 12:22 am

Name: Haylee Kingsly

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: · NATIONALITY:1/2 British [[fathers side--1/3 Irish 2/3 Italian]]

· HEIGHT & WEIGHT:5'5'' 120 pounds

Her eyes, although they are normal, and not unique. she feels that's the only 'Normal' thing about her. Hallye loves them for that reason, they are somewhat big, they are a plain and boring color. Yes. But they hold an allure to them, a magical hold that they have over the person she is making eye-contact with. Her eyes are a clear sign of her emotions. For that is where you can tell if she is sad, happy or whatever mood she is in. Her eyes are very much like the 'Windows to her soul'

Her freckles, although they are small and you can't see them unless upon close and personal inspection, otherwise you can't see them, but she knows they are there, and thinks or rather, feels that they are looking at her freckles, some have said that they are pretty, but she argues that they are like zits, only worse, because zits come and Go. She wants to get rid of them, she's always trying to cover them up.

Eye Color --The mirror makes it appear a chocolaty dark brown
Height --The ruler says Five Foot Four Inches
Weight --The scale reads One Hundred and Ten Pounds
Overall Appearance --
Hallye has a semi ovalish shaped face. She has long, thick, dark eyelashes. Her ears a pierced but most of the time she has no earrings in. But if she does have earrings in most likely they aren't very fancy. She has freckles that run from under her eye over her nose and under the other eye, but the freckles for the most part are barely visible unless you're very up close.
She is on the shorter side, especially for her age. She has a very skinny body, which looks as if she barely eats which is the exact opposite of the truth. Hallye's body is semi-curvy and her chest certainly isn't huge but not flat either. She's actually on the rather attractive side, or so she had been told. Her skin is always smooth and blemish free for the most part. Not to mention her skin is on the whiter side, but not as bad as a piece of paper. She has literately no muscle and is quite easy to push around but she'll most definitely fight back.
She has very dark brown hair which goes just past her shoulders about two inches or so. Any time she's just hanging around her hair is normally thrown up into a messy ponytail. If she leaves her hair down she always makes sure she sprays it with hair spray to keep it from proofing up. Humidity and wetness make her hair curly oddly enough. Hallye's hair is always clean and silky and is somewhat thick.
Hallye pretty much always wears The Assassin's robe, only a bit shorter, and more form fitting, Greek/Roman look to it.

Affiliation: Assassin

Family: Jack Kingsly-Father-dead
Claire Kinglsy Lure-Mother- alive but not around
Nate Lure-Step Father-same as mother
Kate Kinglsy-Step mother-dead
Sara Lure-Step SIster-Fathers-Alive and off living their lives
Lar-Step Brother-Mothers-Same as mother

Favourite weapon: Dagger.

Relationship Status: single and lovin it.
Personality/traits:She is extremely intelligent to put it lightly. She loved school and can think very quickly on her feet. Intelligence was always something that came naturally to her. Hallye is not really the friendliest person to be around. She tends to stay by herself any way, but of course she needs to come out of her house to do stuff. But it's more a matter of people just annoy her. That's really the only way to put it. Most of the time other people just don't fit into her strict moral standards. She finds others inconsiderate and just plain out rude.

She really can't stand being around others due to her one sidedness. She thinks she's always right. She very stubborn and won't change her mind for anything. Some people would call Hallye mean herself. But she would beg to differ. She just speaks her mind whether it would hurt the person or not. She honestly doesn't care what they think, she finds it that if she has an opinion let it be heard. Not that she doesn't have a mean streak. Because she does and she's down right nasty when she's mad. You most certainly do not want to get on her bad side because she doesn't hold anything back. And once you make her mad or upset she's pretty much done with you. Hurt her once and want to apologize? Too bad. Hallye refuses to take anything from anyone. It's extremely hard to make Hallye upset. But if you do obviously you did something very terrible to her hurt. After all she's no one to just go cry about how this person called her a bad name. Luckily she over comes her upsetment very quickly.

Hallye is a extremely good liar. Most people can't tell if she's lying no matter how hard they try. Of course she doesn't lie much, only when she finds it necessary. But even then she lies some times just to mess around with some people. She holds grudges and never lets them go. It's just a thing about her she can never get over. She keeps those grudges for her life which leads into her other flaw. She has a thing for revenge. It's just amusing to her and when she's mad, it's her best antidote. Hallye is very easily annoyable, even by the slightest thing. She'll become snippy and nasty with every remark and response she makes. Not to mention she is extremely sarcastic no matter how serious the situation.

Onto her nice side. She has a extremely up beat personality despite her nastiness.
Hallye just doesn't like being in a down mood. She always want to have fun, well what she finds fun. Also she's carefree when it comes to just about anything, well for the most part. Despite as carefree as she is on the outside she is a complete worry wort on the inside. She doubts just about everything and swears up and down that some thing is going to kill her. But she'll do it anyway. She has a ironic drive for adrenaline yet afraid of it at the same time. She is not like most people and has a odd way at looking at things. People find her very hard to understand which makes them want to get to know her more.

She pretty much does things the way she thinks they should. Her self confidence is very high. She likes herself and it shows.
For the few people she does like, they a very lucky in her perspective. She is extremely loyal and would do anything for them. Although her honesty is still there but she lightens the blow if it's something they wouldn't want to hear. She'll act goofy and just be herself around friends. Her friends often are drawn by her different personality and almost become addicted and constantly want to be around her. Which she lies to get out of if she really wants to be alone.

Strengths/skills/abilities:Her strengths are singing. She has a melodic voice, she has a low soprano voice, so she is considered to be a 2nd soprano. She has strengths in writing and reading. And in math, although it's a low strength. She can pull people in with her voice and can sometimes make people fall asleep when she sings soft soothing tunes.

Her quick thinking has helped her get out of sticky situations before.

Weaknesses: She tends to not be able to sit still. She has to move, she has to fidget, when she gets into trouble she tends to pick at her lips, or her nails or even her clothes, she will then proceed to twirl her hair if she gets yelled at for picking. As well as fidgeting. She tends to be a compulsive liar, and if she gets caught lying about one thing, she will cover it up with another lie. That's just how she is.
Her temper is a thing that is a weakness as well.

Short history:Hallye was born from two teenagers whom no longer got along. Too young to know her parents broke up, for they were never married. Her father rarely came to see her but when he did she hated it. She never bonded with him, but adored her mother. But even as a baby, her mom had a new boyfriend who to care of her as his own child.

And her step dad and mom got married and she was happy she was in the wedding and had a real dad. Sadly Hallye's real father now came back and had custody of her every other weekend. She would cry and wait until Sunday when she could return to her mom. Eventually she out grew that but hated going to her dad's.

Her dad married a woman whom had a daughter about a year and a half older than Hallye. Her new stepsister and stepmother were mean to her every second her real father wasn't around. A little while into the marriage her mom and her dad both had children. Her mom her first son, and her real dad another daughter.

Hallye got along with everyone on her mom's side of the family, but detested her real dad's side. Eventually her dad got a divorce so she only had to deal with her real father and half sister ever other weekend. Her mom had three more kids after that.

At first Hallye loved to be around people. She was pleasant and nice but the her parents pushed her over the edge. Being the oldest her parents always expected her to do a lot. They nagged her all the time and never let her relax. They'd even wake her up to do something stupid.
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I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~   I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~ EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 1:12 am

I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~ Thththgunandhearts1

I'd ask

about love,

She'd probably quote me a sonnet

Just met:-new people
Something more:-a guy in her life
I hate you so much!:-a enemy
I Love You And I hate you:-a ex-lover/rival-lover
Thoughts on others:
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I Made out with a ROCKSTAR!~Haylle~
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