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 Erik Navaro

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PostSubject: Erik Navaro   Erik Navaro EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 1:54 am

Name: Erik Navaro

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Appearance: Dark brown messy hair that falls around his head like a spiked helmet. His eyes a light brown, that seem to glimmer when in sunlight, and a noticable scar along his jaw in a horizontal angle about three inches long.

He wears a white, form-fitting, high-collared trenchcoat that has to be pulled on over the head, rather then buttoned, or zipped. A blue cross on the back of his trench coat. Also has two pockets, one over each ribs, that can hold anything six inches in diameter.

His pants are the same, form-fitting white as his trench coat. As well as his shoes that are white as well as comfortable. The shoes, being strong enough to protect his feet from gravel, harsh temperatures and other rough terrain.

Under all his clothes he has learned to wear padding that protects against bruising located on his shins, knees, forearms, elbows, and shoulders.

His body is incrediably misleading as he is 5' 6" and 125 pounds. His body is lean with muscle, but he isn't no body builder.

Affiliation: Templar

Father: Eli Navaro~ Assassinated
Mother: Errin Navaro~ Died of illness
Brother: Elias Navaro~ Accidental death
Uncle: Erannie Navaro~ Assassinated
Uncle: Erannia Navaro~ Accidental death
Sister: Errina Navaro~ Missing

Favourite weapon: He has two favorite weapons that he always has with him. His number one weapon, a silver long sword that is curved in the middle. It's sheath being about three pounds since it is hollowed wood coated in steel. The sheath, he keeps straped on his back, and since it is metal it can deflect blades, although cannot stop them. It is layed in a vertical angle and comes out from behind his right shoulder so he'd need his left arm to pull it out properally.

His second weapon is a six inch dagger that is two inches thick near the middle, but thins out as it nears the point. It's sheath is the same as the sword. It is located on his lower back, and is layed horizontallay so that Erik would have to use his right hand to pull out his dagger in the reverse grip.

Relationship Status: Single

Personality/traits: Being raised by his father to be a warrior that can be counted upon, he has gained a high intelligence, manipulative persona, arrogent attitude and a high charasmatic tounge. As well bebing raised by his mother, he gained compassion, empathy, and sympathy.

At the end of the day however, he is ruthless to the assassins, vigilantes, theifs, lawbreakers and anything inbetween. Has been known to chase down fleeing criminals and even kill them when they tried to pull a weapon on him.

Strengths/skills/abilities: Being trained since he was six, in the arts of hand-to-hand, and swordsmanship, he is an expert in open combat. As well as being trained in free running to try and capture fleeing criminals. His small stature has made him rely on getting the first advantagous attack, so he trained himself in some small stealth. Again, being small makes him fast, agile and flexable. His last and probably most reliable strength is him being ambidextrious.

Weaknesses: His weaknesses are as follows. Him being small, makes him an easy target to bigger, stronger oppenants. As well as his personality, he usually chases down criminals, which had gotten him into quite a few amount of tight situations.

Short history: At the young age of 6 his father, an improtant Templar, had made Erik learn the arts of swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. For ten years he studied under the best teachers in the land. Then his uncle Erraine was assassinated by...well an assassin. Now knowing why he had to learn the skills his father taught him he devoted all his time to perfecting his skills. A few days later his other Uncle Errania was trampled by a carriage.

Four years later at the age of twenty, Erik went to his younger brother's, Elias, fifteenth birthday party. During the party Elias was under the chandelier, presenting a speech on how thankful he was that everyone had come. Before he was done the chandelier had fallen loose and crushed Elias. Erik was figurativally and ironically crushed by the bad news. He went out to get some air and glanced at the builiding rooftop and was sure he saw a white figure running across it.

Five years later, Erik had just finished training and was considered by many a young master. Now on why his father had made him train, was so Erik would be his father's personal guard. During his guarding, an Assassin had made his way through the house and killed his father. Erik at this time was occupied with his sister, but heard the crash of his father falling. He opened the door and found a dead Eli and a white robed man jumping out the window. Instead of chasing the assassin, he stayed with his father in his last moments.

A year later his mother passed away to a illness that won't become treatable for another two-hundred years, and his seventeen yearold sister missing.

Now at twenty-seven he is occupied by Templars as personal guards, while at the same time he searchs for his sister in hopes to keep the family going.
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PostSubject: Re: Erik Navaro   Erik Navaro EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 3:28 am

Accepted! Welcome to the site!
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Erik Navaro
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