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 Maria Vorias

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PostSubject: Maria Vorias   Maria Vorias EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 10:18 pm

Name: Maria Vorias

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Appearance: Dark brown hair, that is almost black. Cut slightly short, just above her neck. Her eyes are the same color as her hair. Over her face she wears a black scarf that covers her nose down to her neck from veiw. The ends of the scarf are three feet long and flow in the wind.

A black shoulderless, sleeveless top that ties around her neck. Doesn't cover her back or stomach. On her arms she wears black fingerless gloves that reach to her elbows.

Her pants are black as well and loose fitting. A sash with the cresent of an eagle on the middle. The sash holding her pants up around her waist.

She doesn't wear shoes, because her feet have become callused to the point that she doesn't feel anything on them. Although she keeps them clean.

She is small. About 5' 5" and 110 pounds of lean muscle.

Affiliation: She is a hunter that makes it her objective to kill any Assassin and Templar alike.

Father-Micheal Vorias- Assassinated because of his danger
Mother- Mika Vorias- Hung because she was framed of being a traitor
Favourite weapon: Two three foot short swords that are sheathed behind her waist in a criss-cross that are horizontal.

Relationship Status: Single

Personality/traits: Cold, unforgiving and spiteful. Rarely talks to anyone or shows her emotions. Her personality makes her smart, calm, and collected

Strengths/skills/abilities: Since she is a cold person who doesn't really care for anyone anymore, she has been able to sever all ties to people. Her flexiblity, speed, and agility are rarely matched. Able to use two weapons at the same time. Great at hand-to-hand. Her personality makes her a very cunning person able to take any thing to her advantage.

Weaknesses: Being a lone person, this obviously means that she has no friends or people to help her. She has made a name for herself and is known by the Assassins, Templars, and the guards. She is small so she'd have a hard time against tougher, bigger oppenents.

Short history: Before her parents were killed for something they didn't do, Maria was a bubbly and carefree person. After they were killed, she lost all respect for humanity. She decided to kill anyone that does wrong in the world, save herself because she thinks she is doing the ultimate good. She found a teacher in swordsmanship and another in hand-to-hand. She devoted all her time to training and in time, became one of the most notorious killers in history.
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Maria Vorias
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