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This is a forum started up for anyone that wishes to roleplay the Assassins creed universe :)New members welcome. Have fun.
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 Seif Amajiek

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PostSubject: Seif Amajiek   Seif Amajiek EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 6:45 am

Name: Seif Amajiek

Age: 31

Sex: male

Appearance: His clothes look like this- Seif Amajiek 769518-944923_20081021_screen011_super

His face is young and barely scarred, pale skin and bright green eyes with long dark hair.

Affiliation: Templar

Family: Wife (deceased)

Favourite weapon: Seif Amajiek IceScythe

Relationship Status: Widower.

Personality/traits: Cold, ruthless and uncaring, bloodthirsty.

Strengths/skills/abilities: He is quite agile, able to outrun most assassins, his strength is also something of a wonder, his intelligence is something to be desired however.

Weaknesses: Not too bright at times and doesn't carry much weapons aside from his scythe and his un armed skills are lacking.

Short history: when his wife was killed by assassins he vowed vengeances against the order of assassins and so he actively hunts them without mercy, he is a cold hearted killer and doesn't care for life aside from his own.
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Seif Amajiek
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