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This is a forum started up for anyone that wishes to roleplay the Assassins creed universe :)New members welcome. Have fun.
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 Kai Nazari

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PostSubject: Kai Nazari   Kai Nazari EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 2:58 pm

Name: Kai Nazari
Age: 16/17
Sex: Male
Appearence: Kai has dark brown hair, is kind of short (about 168 cm or 5'5). he usually wears the standard assassin robes, but with less parts hanging off and flapping in the wind. occasionally with a mask covering his mouth and nose. and sometimes a messenger bag.
Kai Nazari Anime-boy--large-msg-119479397947
Kai Nazari Assassins-creed-2
(Top: Kai growing up((please ignore the headphones)) Bottom Left: Kai's hood ((not his face))
Affiliation: Assassins
Family: unknown
Favourite Weapon: Hidden Blade or a knife/dagger
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: Kai is usually good-natured, but can be very serious. he is quite loyal to those who show him kindness. but will do almost anything for info about his family.
Abilities: Kai is an excellent theif and free runner, as he is small, stealthy, agile, and extremely fast.
Weaknesses: Although kai has great speed and reflexes, he is not physically very strong. also, kai will do ALMOST anything for information about his family. He will not kill children.
History: Kai grew up by himself on the streets with no home and little possessions. due to this, he became an excellent thief and free runner. Kai always wondered who his parents were. One day, he accidentally witnessed an assassin carry out a mission, and, curious, followed them. surprised at how good the assassin was at free running, Kai followed them to the bureau of that city, and discovered the assassin's order. He now works as an Assassin and a 'messenger boy' (as he is refered to by most).

so, what do ya think Question Question Question

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PostSubject: Re: Kai Nazari   Kai Nazari EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 3:22 pm

hi, ^^ as you can see the site has died xD but i am thrilled to see another member ^^ i will try and get some people on here soon. As for your app please write next to your answers what you are referring to (rather than numbers) see my application for an example ^^

P.S if you are interested in Bleach roleplay please visit my site

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Kai Nazari
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