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 Giuseppe Ricci

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Name: Guiseppe Ricci

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Appearance: Giuseppe Ricci 24618

Affiliation: Assassin

Family: Ugo Ricci - brother of Guiseppe

Favorite Weapon - Hidden Blades and small, sharp daggers

Relationship Status: Single

Personality/Traits: Guiseppe is silent but deadly. He has a nasty habit of fooling even the most hard-trained and uses them to every advantage. He inherited some genes from his hard-headed father, Tito as well. He also shows an "uninterested mask" of sortst. When presented with danger, he simply looks past enemies to focus on one single target. This shows his personality of focusing on one goal and not sidetracking for any reason.

Strengths/Skills/Abilities: Guiseppe has had a long and vigorous training period in which he learned to climb to unimaginable heights. He also has the ability to sense and pinpoint exactly how many enemies lie on the other side of a wall (limited to 5 feet thick to get a grasp of the whole area). He's also very fit in terms of running, so making a long-lasting getaway is a breeze. Guiseppe also learned a helpful trick from his brother Ugo, nicknaming it the "Citadel." This technique involves much movement to try and paralyze and confuse multiple enemies in an enclosed space. Very useful for quick getaways. His lightning-fast speed in the "Citadel" also gave him a quick arm as well, giving him the ability to kill multiple enemies in a short amount of time.

Weaknesses: Guiseppe has always had a hard time asking for assistance in many trials, making relying on friends very hard and also limits him to his own brother. He also has little experience with heavy weapons such as the battle axe and knows little about using vehicles (horses, carts, etc.) as escape routes. Guiseppe also has a "Roman-like" belief: govern by 2. Seeing how Ezio is the sole leader of the Assassin Order, Guiseppe is losing loyalty in Ezio - and ultimately the Assassin Order - at an alarming rate. This results in Guiseppe commonly making his own decisions, most of the time against Ezio's wishes.

Short History: Guiseppe first heard of the Assassin Order when he was just 13. At first he thought nothing of it, but when Ezio makes his assault on the Venetian Doge and succeeds, Guiseppe is inspired to train in the ways of the Assassin. He begins training with Niccolo Machiavelli and learns all he knows at present including some custom concepts he himself devised.

Once training was fully complete 2 years later, he learns that his father died in the assault of Forli. This pushes him even further to resent the Templars and their plans. He learned earlier of how to basically kill enemies but he wanted to go further. He trained himself for 5 months in Milan and came back to Florence an Assassin master.
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Giuseppe Ricci
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