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 Kaihime Minori

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Name: Kaihime Minori

Age: approx 18 years old

Sex: female

Nationality: UNKNOWN (kaihime doesnt remember her origin, however she is exotic in appearance compared to those in Europe)

Appearance: (incase you cant see it in the picture her eyes are light blue and her hair is dark brown though)

Kaihime Minori 83885-10


Kaihime Minori Assass10

Kaihime has very pale skin resembling that of a porcelein doll. She has large breasts compared to most woman but they arent so large as to look out of place on her frame. Her eyes are a light shade of blue, drawing in the gaze of those that look upon they are entrancing to those that hold her gaze. Despite her often cold and harsh expressions her eyes are the gateway to her vunerability. Her lips are small and plump adding to her porcelein appearance. She has long slender fingers and very feminine and delicate hands that you would not expect someone that uses them so much to have. Her physique is well toned and has definition but she is not overly muscular.

Her mask looks like:

Kaihime Minori Foxmask2

(She has had this mask since she can remember)

Affiliation: Vigilante (not associated with either faction)


Favourite weapon: Dual Tanto's and throwing knives (shown in the above images)

Relationship status: Single

Personality/traits: Kaihime has a sharp tongue and fast, deadly techniques. Her fighting style is quick and smooth. She is tough, killing her enemies cold blooded without the sign of any doubt or hesitation, though she knows feelings like love, sadness and desperation. bold yet quick, silent yet cunning, Sharp with her tongue as with her sword, she uses an acrobatic style of combat to overcome her enemies. She comes across as heartless and cold due to her lack of emotions, but in reality she feels them she just doesnt show it. She feels comfortable in battle and killing feels right to her. She is inteligent and extremely quick witted relying on her instincts. kaihime has a very unique way speech, she often says cold, harsh and cruel things but beneath them all there is meaning. She often speaks in a riddle like manner. Known to speak kindly only to those she respects.

Skills: Kaihime is extremely agile and nimble, her flexibility, agility and speed are matched by none. She is extremely skilled in hand to hand combat, often using her own hands to kill her enemies. She has very keen senses and is great with animals. She is an extremely talented artist and has a knack for inventing however she doesnt know this. Often simply showing it at random times.

Weaknesses: Kaihime lacks pure brute physical strength (can't move huge heavy objects etc) but makes up for it in speed and agility. She cant form relationships easily due to her cold and harsh unforgiving personality. Despite being good with animals Kaihime does not remember how to ride a horse, this can cause her trouble if she needs to travel a great distance as she has to either catch a carriage or go by foot. Kaihime cant stand to be touched by anyone whether it be a simple bump on it the street to a hand on the shoulder, why is another part of her unknown past.

Short History: Kaihime's past is a mystery, she remembers nothing from before a year ago. Her first memory is of thrusting a blade into the chest of a man and the feeling of warm blood flowing over her hand. After discovering a pigeon coop and an assassination contract she decided to take any she found. She has made a name for herself however since she wears a black cape and mask on assignment her gender is unknown and guards have assumed she is male. they refer to her as 'the white wolf' as she only undertakes missions under the light of the moon and because of her mask's resemblence to a wolf. She lives a life lacking direction, simply stealing assignments from assassins that she finds day after day, after all the only thing she knows is that killing feels right. The only thing she can remember is from her past is being told "nothing is true, everything is permitted"
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Kaihime Minori
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