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This is a forum started up for anyone that wishes to roleplay the Assassins creed universe :)New members welcome. Have fun.
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 Rules for the Chatbox

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Rules for the Chatbox Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Chatbox   Rules for the Chatbox EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 2:31 am

O.k so everyone is welcome to use the chatbox Smile however if there is any rudeness towards others, swearing, explicit conversations etc there will be consequences including being banned from the chatbox.

It's a fun instant messaging device to communicate with those online at the same time so dont abuse it.

NOT TO BE USED FOR ROLEPLAYING all roleplaying takes place in the appropriate thread/forum. It is simply for chatting out of character Smile

(^-^) In life change is inevitable........except from vending machines :p (^-^)
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Rules for the Chatbox
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