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 Character creation sheet (Example)

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Character creation sheet (Example) Empty
PostSubject: Character creation sheet (Example)   Character creation sheet (Example) EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 9:18 am

Name: (write your character's full name here)

Age: (write the age your character is in the roleplays here)

Sex: (male or female)

Appearance: (you have the option of writing a description or posting an image or both)

Affiliation: (templar, assassin, etc)

Family: (the name of and status of any family members, dead, alive etc)

Favourite weapon: (we all know that an assassin/templar would carry various weapons on them depending on what suits their mission but this weapon is the one that your character never leaves behind)

Relationship Status: (single, married, in love, widow etc. Please write their partners name is applicable)

Personality/traits: (your character's personality and traits)

Strengths/skills/abilities: (what skills your character has)

Weaknesses: (what is your character's weaknesses or what are they not good at? MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1)

Short history: (a short history of your character, details etc will be found out in the rpg's)

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Character creation sheet (Example)
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